For over 25 years, the principals of Holleway have worked closely with business owners looking to transition their businesses. We understand this process can be emotional and disruptive, and owners want to know the business they have worked so hard to build will be valued and appreciated well after the transaction. We work with owners, their advisors and management teams to structure and complete transactions in a time frame and manner that meets the owners goals, and affirms an ongoing legacy of sound guidance and stewardship.

Consider us when:

  • An owner is looking for retirement and liquidity
  • An owner is looking for some liquidity and expansion capital
  • An inactive shareholder is looking for liquidity
  • A partner is buying out another partner
  • A corporate division with an operating management team is divested

Holleway has worked with business owners in each of these situations and created successful win-win transitions for owners and management teams.

Holleway believes that successful investing is more than closing deals. Great companies build value-added processes and develop operational and financial discipline. We use data to guide our thinking and work collaboratively with management to define strategy, finance growth and systems development, identify and negotiate acquisitions and recruit additional management resources, as needed.

We understand that management teams are the most critical element of any successful business. We look to invest with successful, talented teams that are committed to excellence and want to improve and grow their business. We strongly believe equity ownership aligns interests and we encourage management teams to invest meaningfully with us in each transaction.

Holleway’s principals have successfully acquired many companies represented by professional intermediaries, and we appreciate the assistance a professional advisor brings to the sale process. We will pay finders fees for transactions brought to us by buy-side advisors.

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